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Intrestco Group LLC consists of 3 partners who deliver our 3 principles of business. Our definition and philosophies is what makes us provide long lasting business success and lifelong relationships. We would be honored to serve you in any way we can.


Lifestyle = we adapt and share a way of life that delivers emotional well-being for all individuals and groups through our habits, moral standards, attitude, food culture and comfort of all economic levels. Together we constitute the mode of living in happiness.

Hospitality = an action and an industry that we have decades of experience on delivering a sincere reception of all types of individuals and groups, sharing generosity and entertainment so that relationships are established and enjoyed.

Investment = we are in the business in making profit and look for all opportunities that make sense. We evaluate and assist in developing and purchasing of assets with the plan and actions to generate income and create wealth.

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EATER CHICAGO: 18 Great Please to Eat and Drink near Lollapalooza

If you’re one of the 200,000 people or so that are heading to Lollapalooza, Chicago’s largest annual music festival/mob scene in Grant Park this weekend, you’ll have plenty of standout food options at Chow Town inside the festival grounds. But before, during, and after the festival every day it can get dicey, especially when you’re among the hordes of people navigating the immediate Loop vicinity that are looking for somewhere to go upon leaving. Luckily, there are dozens of restaurants and bars within a block or two to duck into, fuel up and take a load off. Here are 18 great options for food and drink outside Grant Park.

9. Yum Cha Dim Sum Parlor Try acclaimed chef Rodelio Aglibot’s dim sum, sushi, and cocktails, just north of the park all weekend long.

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REDEYE CHICAGO: Dim sum at Yum Cha in the Loop

The Chinese phrase dim sum translates to “touch the heart” in English. It’s an apt descriptor for a cuisine that, when executed correctly, feels like a comforting family dinner party. But Chicago is not San Francisco, where there are so many good dumplings you almost expect the corner gas station to serve a mean barbecue bao. Many places in Chinatown and beyond serve stuff that’s been moldering away inside a bamboo basket for hours waiting for your order, or they dole out reheated pre-frozen dumplings with glutinous skins so thick you feel like you’re chewing on a tire with each bite.

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DAILY HERALD: Make a Chinese New Year resolution to try dim sum

Lions and lanterns, dragons and dumplings. Signs of the Chinese New Year abound this time of year. If you've had your fill of steamed whole fish and noodles longer than your legs, I suggest you make a resolution to try dim sum. And you don't have to head to Chicago's bustling Chinatown to get a taste of these breakfast and lunch items. A number of suburban restaurants now offer dim sum brunch on the weekend, which prompted me to get a better understanding of dim sum menus and dining practices.

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CHICAGO FOOD MAGAZINE: The Best of the Best Dim Sum at Yum Cha

What happens when you go all in on the best seat in the house? At Yum Cha Dim Sum, it means a striking view of Lake Shore East Park, fourteen decadent courses of dim sum-inspired fare and some seriously fun conversations with Chef Rodelio Aglibot. The experience is available through new restaurant reservation service Top-Top. We sat down to dig in and document the meal start to finish.

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TIME OUT CHICAGO: The 100 best dishes and drinks in Chicago 2014

This has been an incredibly delicious year, and we’ve spent it eating and drinking all over the city. We braved the crowds at new hot spots and revisited some of our favorite older spots. We ate 20-course tasting menus and waited in line for hours for a sausage. We stayed out late drinking at cocktail bars, then woke up early for brunch nearly every weekend. And after all that, we ended up with this list of the 100 best dishes and drinks of the year.

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This dim sum parlor may be a new kid on the block, but don’t be fooled by its modern, angular structure as it’s the ideal place to shoot the breeze over authentic steamed treats. Inside, grab a perch up front or settle into a seat in the attractive rear dining area overlooking the park.

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CRAINS: Demystifying Dim Sum


Dim sum.

In the simplest terms, it's small, shareable Chinese plates.

The term translates to "touch the heart," and its roots come from roadside tea houses that would serve small snacks to customers. The Cantonese also refer to the dining experience as yum cha (drink tea)

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CRAINS: Finally, a Chinese option downtown

This sleek new dim sum parlor is like water in the desert for anyone unhappy about the scarcity of Chinese food downtown. It’s polished enough for special-occasion dining in the evening but approachable enough for business people who want a nice lunch without making a huge deal of it.

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DINING CHICAGO: First Taste: Yum Cha Dim Sum Parlor

And with the onset of Yum Cha Dim Sum Parlor, a tangential partnership with Chinatown’s revered Phoenix and the Food Buddha, Chicago marks one of its biggest dim sum moves in quite some time. For lovers of steamed buns, hot tea, and all things doughy and Chinese, this is dumpling divinity.

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While chef Rodelio Aglibot (Sunda, Earth + Ocean) was working on hisupcoming dim sum place Yum Cha in Lakeshore East, he was also dreaming up Reverie (414 N. Orleans Ave., River North, no phone yet), a two-floor, 170-seat concept scheduled to open in early spring.

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CHICAGO MAGAZINE: Yum Cha | Dim Sum Kitchen

Chef Rodelio Aglibot, best known to Chicago diners from his work at the River North hotspot Sunda, opened Earth + Ocean in Mount Prospect last year, after a short tenure with BLT Restaurant Group and a fizzle with Argent, a short-lived occupant of the Dana Hotel. Earth + Ocean, one of Chicago’s Best New Restaurants in May 2013, has clicked along so well that Aglibot and his partners now plan a late-winter opening for Yum Cha (333 E. Randolph St., no phone yet), a dim sum and Cantonese spot in the space that housed Maison Brasserie.

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Chicago Tribune: Suburbs bringing their own rules to "BYOB"

Mount Prospect's month-old corkage license and endorsement offer has had no takers yet, village officials said.

But Aeron Lancero, chief operating officer and partner of the restaurant E+O in Mount Prospect, said he'll apply soon. Lancero had urged the village to allow corkage, something he and other owners of high-end restaurants say is a great way to attract wine lovers.

"We made the decision to create a city-style restaurant in the suburban market," Lancero said. "There are guests all over suburbia who have great wine collections, whether it's high value or significant value."

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TFC Balitang America: Illinois Filipinos focus fundraiser on rebuilding 'Yolanda"-hit areas

MOUNT PROSPECT, IL – Hosted by the Village of Mount Prospect in Ill., “United for Hope” is yet another fundraiser for the Typhoon Yolanda victims. But organizers say this time, the money raised will be used to rebuild the some of the affected areas in the Visayas through Gawad Kalinga.

“United for Hope” raised more than $10,000.

Photos of the event


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Chicago-based Premium Themes Inc. and Mt. Prospect-based Intrestco LLC will run the still-unnamed restaurant, which is expected to open by “early spring at the latest,” according to the report.

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Mariano's: Taste Makers

Enjoy an intimate "shop along" and cooking demonstration at Mariano's Arlington Heights.


Food writers salivate when they hear precious restaurant names like Earth + Ocean, especially if the place has a well-known chef behind it, such as one like Rodelio Aglibot (Koi in Los Angeles, BLT in Manhattan, Sunda in Chicago). A cuisine called New American that covers the whole planet? It’s an easy target.

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DEPARTURES: Sampling the Windy City

Also putting a chef-driven spin on US favourites, albeit slightly further afield in Mount Prospect, Earth + Ocean showcases a wide variety of flavours, from sea to soil. 

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CRAINS: What's the 'Food Buddha' doing in a mall?

What is Rodelio Aglibot, former chef at Chicago's award-winning Sunda and star of TLC network's “Food Buddha,” doing in the Randhurst Village shopping mall in Mount Prospect?

A lot of memorable cooking in a really cool space.

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CHEEKY CHICAGO: Great Tastes From Around the Globe

I live in Evanston, and while I love checking out the newest restaurants and bars in Chicago, there are nights I’m just not up for dealing with traffic, high parking fees, crowded trains or any of the other stressors that too often come with a trip into the city. Luckily the suburban dining scene has been heating up to cater to foodies like me. One of the newest spots, e+o Food and Drink, is so good even city-dwellers will want to look for an excuse to check it out.

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MAKE IT BETTER: Soul-Nourishing Fusion Cuisine at Earth + Ocean Food and Drink

There’s something revolutionary happening in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago: really good food.

Sure, it’s to be found in a brand-spanking new shopping “village” at the corner of Rand and Elmhurst Roads in Mount Prospect, but make no mistake: Earth + Ocean, also known as e+o, is worth a visit.

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DAILY HERALD: E+o's well-executed menu, making waves in Mount Prospect

Sometimes a dinner out is just that — a meal grabbed away from home for the sake of not dirtying dishes.

And sometimes a dinner out becomes more than that. Sometimes you hit on a place where the exceptional cuisine, attentive service, vibrant atmosphere and inventive cocktails intersect to create an experience like no other. That place is e+o Food and Drink.

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CRAINS: Sunda team to open Earth & Ocean in Mount Prospect

The founding chef of Sunda and two other alums of the “new Asian” restaurant are teaming up again to launch a new dining destination in the revamped Randhurst Village in Mount Prospect.

Earth & Ocean, opening February 2013, will be the beginning of the E&O Food & Drink restaurant project, with chef Rodelio Aglibot, Aeron Lancero and Paul Lee at the helm.

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CHICAGO EATER: Rodelio Aglibot Opening Earth + Ocean With Sunda Vets

After consulting on the openings of a number of restaurants over the last few years, including the Florentine and Argent in the Dana Hotel, Rodelio Aglibot is ready to get back in the kitchen and back on the line. The founding Sunda chef has teamed with two former Sunda co-workers—Aeron Lancero and Paul Lee—to open Earth + Ocean in the revamped Randhurst Village in Mount Prospect.

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CHECK PLEASE: Sunda New Asian



"Chef Rodelio Aglibot knows he was blessed with a gift and spends his days honoring his profession by gaining experience and knowledge to enlighten his life and his career as a chef."
- inchefshands.org

"Aeron was an especially gracious and knowledgeable host. Throughout the meal he made sure we had everything we needed and found a balance between providing helpful information and not looking over our shoulders while we discussed the dishes." - peelingout.us

Apr 6, 2011 – ... and his team members, Aeron Lancero, Sunda's Operating Partner, for his help in ... - fan-chicago.org





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