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Business Start-up and Business Plans:
With your great idea and vision, we will evaluate the feasibility of your new business venture. Your concept, proposed locations and even assist with investment. And once this is done we will provide a comprehensive business plan that will provide your team the confidence to execute and succeed.
Food and Menu Development:
While your business continues to run, our team of seasoned operators, executive chefs and system experts will work behind the scenes to develop and or sustain restaurant menu design to achieve great reviews while maintaining productivity, efficiency and profitability.
Front of the House Services and Systems:
Your guest is the most important part of your business. We will coach and develop personnel to deliver memorable experiences which in return establish loyal guest who will return often and deliver the best PR in our business which is positive word of mouth reviews. We will also establish systems that will achieve this culture and maintain productivity and efficiency for managers and owners to take control of.
Wine, Alcohol, N/A and Mixology Development:
Whether you are a bar only concept or the bar is a part of your restaurant, beverage and mixology can be a great source of revenue and create a following among your guest. With our team of experts in wines, custom cocktails, bar products, operations and libations we will take your beverage program to another level.
Bar Operating Systems:
Operating a bar is time consuming and quite frankly is the largest margin of profits earned whether you are a bar only or full service restaurant. We will provide systems that make your bar more efficient and have systems that owners and managers may use to validate products going out and revenue being earned while every guest is having a memorable experience.
Sanitation and Safety:
This is a service that more often than not; may be looked over, although it only takes one situation to ruin your business. Our team will provide systems and procedures that will protect you from situations that may cause more than just inconvenience.
Training and Development of Staff:
Your teammates need to be up to date on all aspects of the business, from the server to the manager. We will create a process that achieves this, tactics executed that will hold all accountable and more importantly, motivated! Starting with a teammates first training session to setting up shift meetings to keep developing skills and knowledge. You will notice a difference and will see the success by great online reviews and increasing the amount of loyal guests week after week.
Operational Support:
Even in a well- run business needs help in specific areas of restaurant services, whether assistance in running training programs or keeping up with reservations and back office staff. We offer the know- how and staff to keep your business running without taking the energy you need to spend in other areas.

Brand Strategy / Marketing and PR:
A very important part of any business is the ability to keep your name top of mind and relevant every day.We can help through day to day operations of delivering memorable experiences that your guest will be sharing and with our access to a wide range of Marketing and PR Teams that we have the pleasure of knowing. We have the credentials of establishing brands through communication that your team presents as much as every publication that comes out through web or print. Outreach to influencers in the Chicago-land area, publicity and buzz-worthy impressions. Not to mention, education and leveraging social media to your advantage.

Web and Graphic Design
Web and Social Media are the method of advertising and communicating today and our philosophy is to leverage this avenue. We have a team of creative designers to set-up your website, design items to post and or print so you may take advantage of grassroots marketing and share to all what you have to offer.


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